When you want to Prevent your Fruit Tree from Bearing Fruit

Kootenay Covers can be used with some kinds of fruit trees to stop the tree from bearing any or nearly any fruit. To do this you put the cover on in the spring before the tree has blossomed. Secure the cover around the trunk of the tree so that no bees or other pollinating insects can get to the tree. Leave the cover on the tree throughout the time the blossoms are on the tree. After all the petals have fallen off the tree, remove the cover. For fruit trees that require pollination by insects you will have zero fruit. For trees that are self-pollinating, there may be a few fruit where the pollen was spread by the wind.

There are many reference books and sites that list the trees that are "self-pollinating" and the trees that "require a pollinator." There is also a third kind of tree that is self-pollinating but does better with a pollinator. The trees that are self-pollinating may still produce some fruit if you keep the bees and other pollinators out. But the amount of fruit produced will be much lower than if the cover is not applied.