Fall Clean-up Made Easy

Without using Kootenay Covers on your fruit trees, you can often end up with the ground under the tree littered with wormy rotten fruit at the end of the growing season. The fruit is not really enticing to you, your family, your neighbors or friends. You end up with a big gooey mess to clean up every fall.

When you use a Kootenay Cover to protect your trees from the egg-laying insects and their fruit destroying off-spring you change your orchard results. The fruit looks and tastes great. It can stay on the tree until it is truly ready to pick. You want the fruit. You have more than you can use. You invite friends, family and neighbors to share. They are delighted.

All the fruit gets picked. All the fruit gets eaten. Very little fruit falls to the ground and goes to waste.

The rotten gooey mess of previous years does not appear. You only have to rake the leaves. Life is better.