How Long Will a Kootenay Cover Last?

Kootenay Covers are made from highly UV resistant polyester mesh and thread. They last years even with continual exposure to direct sunlight. Some people have covers that are 14+ years old and still in good condition.

The length of life you can expect depends on the intensity of the sun in your area, the number of days they are outside each year, and the manner in which you care for them. Hot sunny climates with very little cloud cover may be harder on covers than cloudier cooler climates. Using them on shorter season crops such as cherries will be less stressful than on longer season crops such as apples and pears.

To lengthen the useful life of the covers, carefully put them on the trees, carefully take them off, store them inside for the off-season, and be reasonably gentle when using them. If you get a rip in one of covers, stitch it up with a needle and thread. Store them indoors in boxes to keep them from getting snagged or ripped when not in use on a tree. Each cover comes with a size label to help you keep track of each of your covers of various sizes.

We do not guarantee a particular life span because the life span is really up to the way they are used and other factors listed above.