Kootenay Covers Customer Reports - Reviews

Here are comments from customers who have used Kootenay Covers.

"I have used the covers two years. I highly recommend them. They really work well. I used them on Granny Smith apples and Stella Cherries." Paul A.

"Wanted to pass along how happy we have been with the covers you shipped to us. Our cherry crop of sweethearts were amazing. No insect damage. The big surprise was that the cherries survived two hail situations with no damage to fruit. Birds are heard cursing each morning as they drool over the lovely cherries tucked inside. As well, the rainy June was an issue for uncovered trees but the trees covered seemed to 'mist' droplets and we had little, to no splitting.

Thanks for providing a good product which did the job and had such environmental positives to not spraying." - Alex G.

"Just wanted to let you know that the bag worked perfectly!  First crop in 5 years without worms - we are very excited and very grateful.  Thanks!" - Robin N.

"I promised you in March that I would report back to you. Well, we just took the cover off our little cherry tree. We are super excited. We have a very healthy and tasty harvest, the first one ever. In the last few years the cherries ... never fully ripened. Last year was the worst and we were thinking of taking the tree out! What a happy ending to a sad beginning." - Kerstin K.

"We had purchased your covering last year and I couldn't believe what incredible cherries we had. Of course it was a wonderful year for all fruit but the main thing was NO worms in our cherries. You would not believe the excitement in my family and anyone that had the opportunity to try them had, so tasty. I am really looking forward to this year's crop again." - Terry P.

"Well ... last night I got a call from my neighbour with the cherry orchard right next door saying we'd better check our cherries because his entire crop has "worms".  Yes ... the dreaded SWD (spotted wing drosophila) has hit them.  Anyway, he was asking if we knew what it was and how to handle it.  I wasn't about to give him much hope.  John went out this morning to check ours and all looks fine. Early July no nets/with sprays = total crop loss.  Early July with nets/no sprays = crop doing fine.  We'll be picking this weekend and can let you know if we find any problems.  Just thought you'd be "excited" to know the latest scoop." - Heather Y.