Mother's Day Special!

Get your mother a Kootenay Cover for Mother's Day this year. Moms love having bug-free and pesticide-free fruit. And moms really love not having to pick up a bunch of wormy rotting fruit under their apple and pear trees in the fall.
If you get her a fruit tree cover and install it for her, all the fruit on her tree will be bug free. Mom, you, her neighbors and friends will come pick the fruit. There won't be any left to fall on the ground and rot.
And because we love Moms here at Fruit Tree Covers, we are offering a limited time special on all of our fruit tree covers for Mother's Day. You can get as many covers as you need to cover Mom's trees for 15% off through Mother's Day, Sunday, May 14th! And if you are a mom yourself, you are welcome to use the discount on your own purchase. Be sure to enter the discount code Mother_2023 at checkout!
Kootenay Covers are unique. They really keep birds and bugs out of your mom's favorite fruit tree. She probably does not have one already. She will love you even more when you get her one!